Experimental Pragmatics 2019 | Edinburgh, June 19-21 2019

Around Edinburgh

In case you are keen to explore the city a little bit more, we recommend the following activities.



We recommend booking tickets for these tours in advance.

Harry Potter fans:

On this free Tour of Harry Potter you will discover the relationship between the city and the author, the facts and locations that inspired JK Rowling to write her books and the places where she actually wrote them.

Whiskey Lovers:

Enjoy a guided tour, plus a nosing and tasting of a Scotch whisky or a soft drink, in The World's Largest Collection of Scotch Whisky.

Literature and Beer advocates:

According to the two main protagonists of The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour, the pubs of the Old Town, reeking of good beer and lively banter, were once the favourites of Scotland's most famous writers. So if you thought that the great Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and the like spent their evenings in the posh drawing rooms of Edinburgh high society, think again! These towering literary figures seem to be happier mixing with the common people who filled the dark pubs of the Old town.

Museums and Galleries (free admission)

Daytrips for those who plan to stay longer